How to Get Over an Affair!

You just found out that your spouse cheated on you.

What are you going to do?

How are you going to get over the affair?

Many questions are going through your mind.

How could they do this to me?
How could they hurt me like that?
Should I stay or should we get a divorce?
What did I do that was so bad that she would cheat on me?

Many questions, doubt, and disgust go through you mind. You self esteem begins to drop you feel that you are not pretty anymore. That the other woman is prettier, smarter, skinner than you are.

Survive the Affair

Let me tell you a little story. My wife and I had been married about six years. We had worked several jobs together and we with each other all of the time. I decided to go back to school and within three months had gotten a job in the field i was going to school for. I already had one degree in that field.

After a couple months of working at the new job I noticed that she was getting home later and later. See where we had both worked before our hours were from 6-3. My new job was from 8-5 and I usually got home around 6:00. The boys were in junior high basketball. I would show up at the games and she was no were to be found and she would show up late. When I would question her about it she would give me an excuse which I believed. She was distant to me, didn’t want much to do with me especially sexually.

Then one day I happened to be working close to home and got done early. So I went by grandma’s house and picked up our 4 year old daughter. I ran into her best friend uptown at the gas station. We chatted for a moment and then out of the blue she said do you know that your wife is messing around with so and so from your old job. I said are you sure she wouldn’t do something like that. She told me I know that, “she is my best friend and I didn’t think she would do that either but she has been seen with this guy in the parking lot several times”. She told me to go down there and wait in the parking lot and see what is going on. They were going to get off work in about and hour.

So I did, I made the trip down to my former job and waited in the parking lot, I parked about 6 cars down from where her car was parked so I could see. To my surprise my wife and a guy that I thought was my friend walked out to her car and got in together. So I walked up to the car nice and easy, it looked to me like they were holding hands and he reached over and kissed her. I blew my stack, I opened his door and punched him in the mouth twice. He got out of the car and I was ready to kick the crap out of him but my wife stood in between us. I wanted to punch her in the face as well but I refrained and told her if you want him then go with him, I have our daughter with me and if you want your family then you will get in your car and get home.

How was I going to Get Over the Affair?

We fought for days, she swore that nothing had happened between them, I knew differently. Then finally she broke down and told me the truth, that they had been carrying on for about a month but they had only slept together once and that it was never going to happen again. It was a mistake and she wanted me and her family.

I was devastated, I threw him in her face all the time. I couldn’t understand how she could cheat on me.The images of him and her having sex were driving me insane. If she was a minute late coming back from the grocery store I went crazy and started accusing her. Our marriage was on the rocks, our sex life in the toilet because I couldn’t stand the thought of touching her.

One night we sat down and actually talked. We decided that we need help. We searched online for counselors and I found a website called Marriage Sherpa, I signed up for there free seven part course, then I ended up buying many of there products.

Today our marriage is rock solid we just had our 18th wedding anniversary. We talk things out, don’t get jealous of each other. Our love is deeper know than it ever has been and our marriage is better than it ever has been. Our sex life is hotter than hot, but most of all we are happy and deeply in love with each other.

Do I think she will ever cheat again?

As solid as we are know I know for a fact that it will never happen again. So if your spouse has cheated on you and you want to save your marriage then check out Marriage Sherpa,

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How to survive the affair

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